Midweek Meetings

Every Thursday evening we meet as a church again for Bible teaching, prayer and fellowship, from 8pm, with tea, coffee and cakes served from 9pm.

The first Thursday of every month is a prayer meeting, opening with a short exposition of a Bible passage. The second and fourth Thursdays we have a shorter prayer meeting at 7:30 before the main meeting at 8pm.

Contact us for directions.
These meetings vary in content and format and are usually topical, but we usually open with a short time of prayer and song and close with a short time of prayer, before enjoying more relaxed fellowship together over drinks and cakes. Over the last year we have had some of the following:

A series of studies on how we go about making moral choices: “Living Like Jesus”

A series on what the Bible teaches about the future of the church: “The End of the World as we Know it”

Ahead of various outreach events, we spend the evening distributing invitations throughout the area and praying.

A series on how to engage with anti-Christian thought and proclaim the Gospel: “Always ready to give an answer”. These included some workshops where we put this into practice analysing a film and other culture phenomena.

Visits by mission partners or other organisations.
Reports on mission work by members of our church.

A series on how the Bible drives our worship: “Engaging with God”

A series on “hard” prayers in the Bible, especially so-called “imprecations” in the Psalms: “Tough Words”.

Throughout 2017, we will be marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation:

“In Christ Alone” truths to live by.