A central part of our worship together as a church is the proclamation and exposition of God’s word, and our services themselves are designed to teach us more about Jesus and the gospel.

We are also committed to proclaiming “the whole counsel of God” in a variety of ways to build each other up, bearing in mind our different ages, circumstances, Christian experience and maturity, and the variety of ways in which church members are gifted by God.

Some of what we do to that end includes:

Theological Reading Group

A dozen of us meet fortnightly to discuss a few pages of a weightier theological tome, enriched by coffee and sugary cakes. The aim is to spend no more than one hour reading a section independently (on the weeks between our meeting), guided by some study notes, and then discuss for an hour. (Link to sample study notes.)

At the moment, we are working through Herman Bavinck’s Sin and Salvation in Christ. It is refreshing to see how theological mistakes that Bavinck warned about more than a century ago are causing problems in the world today. It is especially heartening to see how clearly the Bible addresses the root causes of our world’s broken thinking through a right understanding of our sin and work of Jesus on the cross.

Recent one-off events include two sessions by Ian Fry on youth and children’s work: “Teaching to reach the heart” “Understanding the teenage mind”