“But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”


God assures is in the Bible that he is on a mission: to bring everyone, everywhere, to worship his Son Jesus Christ, to receive forgiveness for our sins, and to receive eternal life. God gives his church the immense privilege of being the main means by which he makes it happen: as he lives with us by his Holy Spirit and equips us to live in such a way that commends the gospel of Jesus, and gives us confidence to tell this good news of free forgiveness to everyone. What God began 2000 years ago with a handful of Jesus’ disciples in one particular place, has spread “to the very ends of the earth”. As a congregation, we are committed to God’s loving project of letting all people know about Jesus, through our own work in Chelmsford and beyond, and by supporting work across the world with our prayers, finance, fellowship and time.

In Chelmsford

Our Sunday services are open to everyone, and we are delighted to have visitors and regular friends as they hear about Jesus. However, we also seek to do as much as we are able to take the gospel to our city. We lay on social events such as an annual BBQ, an evangelistic concerts or a play. We hold regular guest events e.g. Forum (once a term an evening in a coffee shop, an evangelistic talk on a “tough question” with questions texted in), a regular evangelistic breakfast for men (The Big Breakfast), a Saturday Club for children, and regular gatherings for students and 20-somethings. We continuously run Christianity Explored courses in someone’s home. We’re delighted to support the work in Chelmsford of Friends International, Daylight Prison Trust (some of our members volunteer with them), and SYM. We support pastoral work at the local University (ARU), where Ben is hon chaplain. However, our most vital activity for mission in Chelmsford is to worship God in Spirit and truth, seeking his help to live Christian lives in our city, glorifying and loving Jesus, and loving our neighbours as ourselves.

Across the world

We support mission partners in various parts of the world:

  • The Newby Family, in Kosovo with OM
  • European Missionary Fellowship, especially through Darren, our Minister, who is a trustee. EMF exists to send missionaries to Europe and to support native pastors and other church workers. Through EMF we have links with Iglesia Reformada, in Spain
  • Pamoja, is a Christian organisation working in Kenya. Pamoja seeks to bring both spiritual and practical aid to the people of Kenya, specifically to orphans and their wider families.
  • Innovista, through whom we support those training leaders in the former Soviet Union.
  • London City Mission, through whom we support Olly Sherwood, working in prisons and with those recently released.

Some of our partners cannot be named for their own safety.