Changes to COVID precautions at CPC

From 19th July the government have removed all legal restrictions affecting corporate worship. These decisions were made after careful deliberation of the government guidelines and other denominations’ advice. This is a great opportunity to put into practice many of the Biblical principles that we regularly talk about and ask that you respond to us and each other with respect and love and seeking unity in the body of Christ.


  • Social distancing and mask wearing will not be enforced. This means that booking in is no longer necessary.
  • Singing shall resume
  • One-way system ends (you can use either door in either direction)
  • The back hall can be used as a creche.
  • Streaming services will cease.


  • Improved ventilation. As well as the ventilation we have had, more of the windows have been fixed. Ventilation is the most significant safety factor that we can control.
  • An area (usually the block of pews on the East side of the building) will remain masked and social distanced. If you wish to sit in this area you will need to book in.
  • Hand sanitisers remain at entrances.
  • People may choose to wear masks.
    • Ordinary masks prevent particles that one breathes out, they offer very little personal protection to what we breathe in. The point of them is to protect others. Once only a few wear them, the efficacy drops.
    • N95 masks offer a reasonable amount of protection. CPC has purchased some disposable ones. People may wish to buy their own reusable ones.
  • Refreshments will not yet restart. People can mingle in either room in Hall Street, or on the pavements of Hall Street and Roman Road.
  • Please bring your own Bible.
  • We will continue, for a time, to use the pre-prepared communion cups.

These new directives will be kept under review.

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