Meeting in Hall Street

Sunday 2nd August, 6pm we’re re-starting services in Hall Street.

For those unable to come we will still be streaming both services…
Here are our policies for re-opening…

In a nutshell

1. Book Your seat(s)

  • Each week contact us to say that you’re coming, by Thursday night (I’ll do the seating plan Friday am)
  • You will need to give us your contact details
  • Some of you have said you’d like to come, but happy to give a seat to another. Thanks, but still indicate if you’d like to come, each week varies as to who comes.
  • If we can’t fit everyone in, we’ll prioritise you for another week.

2. Get there early

  • 10-15mins early? We’ll play some music.
  • 6pm is easier to get parked. You may want to use one of the official car parks.

3. Wear a face mask

  • Stella willing to make some
  • We have disposables if need be
  • It doesn’t apply to under 3s

4. Hand Sanitizers will be at entrance (Hall St), exit (Roman Rd) & loos. Please use them

5. If you have any symptoms (defined in “Safety measures”), coughing, sneezing: PLEASE DO NOT COME

  • Even if you’re booked in, let me know if you can, but the most important thing, is stay away.

6. Children

  • There won’t be anything put on for children during the service
  • Parents will be responsible and need to be with their own children
  • Sadly, they can’t really mix
  • The blue tooth speaker will be on in the hall if you need it.

7. Detail

  • This document has all the details about what we’re doing to take any risk to an absolute minimum.

Short Video on Returning here

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