The main thing that we do as men in the church is the same as everyone else: our Sunday and mid-week services and our Christian lives together. As with ladies, young people, students, international visitors, we also lay on a couple of things particularly for men.

Men’s Breakfast

About once a month throughout the year we meet in someone’s house for an hour on a Saturday morning to enjoy a full English breakfast and discuss a few short pages of a book that we’ve been reading to encourage one another. We’ve recently completed Kris Lundgaard’s The Enemy Within, and are about to read Athanasius On the Incarnation, a classic which is a simple and crystal clear explanation of why the Son of God became a man like us: Jesus Christ.

The Big Breakfast

Twice a year, we meet for a catered breakfast in a hotel on a Saturday morning and invite friends to come and hear about the gospel. We invite a variety of speakers to talk about what they do for a living and why Jesus matters to them. We’ve recently had: a soldier, a head-hunter (which, disappointingly, turned out not to be a type of soldier), a journalist, a businessman, a parliamentary draughtsman, a Formula 1 racing car engineer, and next up will hear from a business coach.